Reviews for “SEVENTEEN”

  • “We are thrilled to have heard ‘Seventeen’ and are pleased to have discovered David Moore. He is a talented and driven artist who brings his unique style to the music he creates.” ----- FVMusic Blog 

  • "As soon as you press the play button you immediately realize that you are dealing with an artist with a great compositional experience behind him." ----- Edgar Allan Poets-Noir Rock Band

  • "With his soulful, melodic vocals backed by tasteful yet electrifying guitar lines, Moore paints vivid soundscapes that draw the listener in, before knocking them off their feet." ----- Music Arena GH

  • "Seventeen" is a stunning album that displays David Moore's astonishing talent and distinctive style. It's a great throwback to a time when music was full of passion, and it's sure to leave you wanting more." ----- Saiid Zeidan

  • "Once you connect with the work of “Seventeen” , you understand that there is care and delicacy in the production, and the compositions themselves as well, a dedicated attention to the best feelings, offering the listener a little bit of his musical universe and that now finds the perfect time to reach the world: a striking sound with rhythms that infect us and please the spirit." ----- Music For All

  • “We highly recommend listening to the whole album from start to finish to make the most out of this album’s listening experience.” ----- The Study Lounge Blog at Gifted Balance Records




  • "The songs are all solid and above all they give mixed emotions. Some more energetic others more introspective accompany you on a complete and intense musical journey." ----- Edgar Allan Poets-Noir Rock Band

  • "The warmth and familiarity of its easy-listening qualities will surely resonate with fans of both past and present genres, with a sound they can enjoy as they kick back on a lazy day or while reminiscing with friends around a campfire." ----- Music Arena GH

  • "With its contagious rhythm and striking guitar riffs, the song shows the artist's versatility in exploring different musical directions." ----- Radio Armazem

  • "We adore the intelligent composition, thought-provoking lyrics and superb storytelling." ----- FVMusic Blog

  • "The tip is to listen more than once, because the album gets better with each listen." ----- MusicForAll

  • "...delivers striking melodies to the listeners, raising our spirits and infecting us throughout..." ----- Os Garotos de Liverpool

  • "Explicit and clear lyrics provide interesting, thought-provoking content." ----- Iggy Magazine

  • "Moore's versatility as an artist shines through as he effortlessly transitions between different styles, showcasing his skillful songwriting and ability to craft melodies that resonate with his audience." ----- The Musical Road

  • "...10 songs of great freshness and energy." ----- Indieoclock

  • "The genius of alternative and folk music offers us his new single "Yesterday Today and Tomorrow" -----Info Music

  • “David Moore’s latest creation is a soul-stirring blend of timeless melodies and contemporary flair that leaves a lasting impression on the listener." ----- Top Music News

  • "...listeners can expect to be welcomed by warm and comforting chords and mystifying vocals that feel like a blast from the past." ----- The Study Lounge Blog at Gifted Balance Records

  • "Moore’s contemplative and thought-provoking words, along with his outstanding musicianship, provide a mesmerizing musical journey for the listener on this album." ----- Songweb

  • "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” is an absolute delight for the ears and a must listen for everyone, as it explores widely relatable themes that are sure to stay with listener." ----- Muse Chronicle



Reviews for “GET THE LED OUT!"

  • “…solidifies David Moore’s place as a formidable artist in the contemporary music scene. His ability to craft melodies that resonate deeply with the human spirit is unparalleled, making this album a must-listen for anyone who appreciates soulful storytelling and exceptional musicianship.” ----- Michael Jamo at Soundweb

  • “You know that chest of good vibes that you keep, to open when needed?  “Get The Led Out!”  brings that energy.” ----- Helena Benjamin at Riff Rhino 

  • "Moore has meticulously sculpted a soundscape reminiscent of the unyielding spirit of 80’s rock and classic rock with his latest album, “Get The Led Out!” ----- Indie Rock News (Will Lisil)

  • “David Moore’s music confronts the ears with a raw, visceral intensity, yet delightfully soothes with a familiar comfort. It is pure, potent, and poignantly profound.” ----- Indie Rock News

  • "Moore crafted tracks that showcase his diverse skills as a vocalist, guitarist, bassist, drummer, harmonica player, and keyboardist." ----- Tunesaround Music Blog

  • "...Moore steers his multi-instrument extravaganza through landscapes painted by Zeppelin’s oh-so-tender brush yet zapped alive by electric currents all his own making." ----- Music Arena GH

  • "...a collection of songs that consistently produce addictive and engaging grooves, drawing the listener in with their unique sound." ----- FV Music Blog 

  • "If you like the 70's and late 60's style - bands like Cream, The Yardbirds, Love, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Pink Floyd, Guess Who and so on - this is what you need!" ----- HBN

  • "Get The Led Out! has 10 tracks that bring a sound of the best of rock through the ages, classic rock, 80s rock, pop rock, psychedelic rock and power pop, all in one place, one record to applaud standing, just sensational." ----- Indieoclock

  • "...this album is a love letter to classic rock and funk, with Moore channeling influences from the 60s all the way up." ----- Illustrate Magazine

  • "...he subtly sprinkles in jazzy flourishes, funk influences, and psychedelic textures to keep the songs interesting. The musicianship is crisp as is the production..." ----- Saiid Zeidan

  • "David Moore and Westridge have understood the sounds of the past and, I think, they know what was missing from the sound of today." ----- TJPL News Magazine

  • “An evident appreciation for sounds of yesteryear combines with quality original songwriting from Moore…”----- Obscure Sound

  • “…Moore’s songs are delightful and his energy is infectious.” ----- Rock Era Magazine

  • “From energetic anthems to melodic ballads, this album is a journey through sound that pays homage to rock legends while forging a path all its own.” ----- Formula Indie Radio Network

  • “This release cements Moore's place in the rock genre and promises a thrilling experience for both longtime fans and new listeners alike.” ----- 1111CR3W

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